Lakhpat “Forgotten Ruins”

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own Brain, our own heart is our temple. This philosophies kindness”

-Dalai Lama

The forgotten ruins of Lakhpat

IMG_1532Started from Western most part of India, Koteshar where even the fisherman’s are tagged with numbers with Indian Flag on them as for their identity. Close to Pakistan border Kutch is always high on security. Passing the tropic of cancer board I moved on to my way to Lakhpat.

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Lakhpat fort sits at the point where Kori creek meets the Great Rann of Kutch. Lakhpat was built in the year 1805 by Jamadar Fateh Muhammed, a celebrated Kutch general, to defend the frontiers of the kingdom against the encroachment of the Sindhies. The fortification erected by him enclosed the entire town within a 7 km long fort wall, most of which still stands.

It was the year 1819. An earthquake of high magnitude (over 8 in the Richter scale) shocked Kutch. Lakhpat crumbled. The sea rolled up to the Kori creek (thIMG_0085e eastern mouth of Indus which divided Kutch from Sindh) as far westward as the Goongra River. An eyewitness account suggests that from 19th June to 25th June 36 shocks were counted. The river permanently shifted westward and altered its both physical and economic landscape. After the displacement of the Indus River in 1819 the busy port was abandoned and the town that once brimmed with 10,000 people stands almost completely inhabited today. Guru Nanak is believed to have camped in Lakhpat on his way to and from Mecca. The house where he said was later converted into a Gurudwara, which still stands though heavily renovated in this deserted village.

IMG_1559But sense of History didn’t connect me to this place, nor the arid weather or the magnificent ruins. What touched my senses and heart was the nature of religion in that place. There were 2 Hindu temple, 1 Masjid, 1 Gurudwara and a Church. A day before I was on my way to lakpat, 17th December my mobile feeds showed the news of Taliban terrorists killing 145 children’s; In name of gods know what. But here I am, a land long forgotten, Homes abandoned, only the walls remaining. As it the day was calling to an end I planned to end my night in the Gurudwara which helped me getting a decent bed with (langar) food to be served at night. As I moved to visit the Darbar Sahib (Prayer Hall) the head of Gurdawara asked me did i visit the temple & masjid. As I denied he said I must visit before night fall after I am done eating Prasad here. As I moved toward the temple and bowed down my head the Priest asks me did I visit the masjid and Gurudwara, same goes with the Imam at the masjid asking did I visit IMG_1558all the other places. Deed with the thought that here I was in a place where the past is forgotten, barrier broken and religion given one common name. For mutual respect for each other is foremost important to live in co-existence. During night everyone gathered at the Langar hall to have dinner that included every people from every religion. And that night I slept under the stars thinking we find wonders in 7 places and here I am witnessing a far greater thing than I felt. That night I thought to post my thought on Facebook, but such things in life are felt only when you take the journey.



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